Garden services + Supplies

Specializing in eco-friendly and creative garden solutions we proudly serve homeowners in the Gwinnett and Walton county areas of Georgia. Our master gardeners are plant enthusiasts who nurture and maintain gardens, focusing on plant health and aesthetic beauty and sustainability. Our garden helpers assist homeowners with tasks like mulching, weeding, planting, local pick up and delivery and general upkeep, providing valuable support to keep gardens thriving and looking their best year-round.

Edible Landscapes

Transform your yard into a bountiful source of fresh, organic produce. Our edible landscape services include designing and planting vegetable and kitchen gardens tailored to your dietary needs and preferences.

Garden Management

We provide comprehensive garden maintenance services, including weeding, deadheading, soil and crop rotation, mulching, and building garden beds, ensuring your garden remains healthy and beautiful year-round.

Container Gardening

Maximize your limited space with our innovative container and small space gardening solutions. Perfect for small-space environments, we set up beautiful, productive container gardens on patios, balconies, and other compact areas.

Special Projects

Mulching, garden bed installation, composting, bulb and decorative tree planting, adding shrubs, installing outdoor fire pits, adding perennials, hanging bird feeders, drip irrigation system installation, hydroponic gardens, garden rock installations, and more!

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