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Homeowners call Nayborlee when they need an exemplary level of home care and customer service. Nayborlee is a home care company which launched in 2019 in Grayson, GA. We are family-owned and serve the Atlanta Metropolitan and Richmond, VA areas. Our values are steeped in a long-standing dedication to the people we serve, and truly differentiates Nayborlee as a concierge home services company.

Nayborlee’s mission is simple, honest and straightforward – we strive to: 

  • Care for our Naybors
  • Deliver high-quality services
  • Do it right the first time and
  • Practice continuous improvement


Nayborlee, LLC
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Nayborlee, LLC
Nayborlee, LLC1 year ago
The first line of defense against water penetration is a healthy roofing system. Rain, snow and temperature extremes in winter and summer can cause thermal damage that cracks shingles. Flashing can pull loose, and squirrels and raccoons can chew openings to get into your attic.

Nayborlee’s roof maintenance program ensures your roof and gutters are clean and inspected annually or semi-annually depending on the number of trees near your home. We also inspect the caulk around windows and weather stripping around doors as part of our efforts to prevent flooding. If caulk and/or paint have aged and cracked, we repair and repaint to keep wood fresh and weatherproofed.

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Nayborlee, LLC
Nayborlee, LLC1 year ago
Keep your roof healthy and sound. Perform annual inspections to check for squirrels and other pests, holes, worn shingles, missing flashing, water leaks and wood rot. #healthyhomes #roofrepair #richmondvahomes #atlantahomes #atlantahomeowners #rvahomeowners #homemaintenance #homerepair #roofrepair #dwellwell #nayborlee #putyourhomeonthemarket #sellinghomes #punchlist #springhomerepair

Continuous Improvement

Each and every project is meaningful to us and is carefully supervised by Nayborlee owners. We want our last project to be our best testimonial and we are never too busy to listen to customer feedback. If you’d like to share…