At the end of 2019, the Nayborlee gang was happily anticipating working on our typical home improvement projects like painting, wood rot repair, kitchen, and bathroom upgrades. However, 2020 clearly had other things planned for us! All too often we are hearing about how the pandemic lockdown has forced us to entirely re-evaluate how our homes are being used.

Since entire families are spending much more time at home, we have been forced to engage with our homes and the space that it offers in different ways. Home now serves as the office, gym, classroom, salon, movie theatre, and more. And while many of us have rediscovered the joys of our home, we have also discovered its limitations.

All of those open-plan spaces we once thought were ideal – are not as practical when multiple people using the home to support video conference calls and school projects. And so, months into the pandemic, most people are thinking of multiple things to change about their homes that are both beautiful and functional.

Staycationing has also become the word of the summer season. So it’s no surprise that our most popular request this summer has been for deck and patio improvements, fencing and clearing additional open spaces. Outdoor spaces provide much-needed peace and fresh air and a safe connection with the world outside the door, instead of looking through your window or attempting to travel long distances amid uncertain times.

Stay safe and dwell well!