Have we mentioned how much we love curating home ideas on Pinterest? It allows us to immerse ourselves in everything we love about design, and capture ideas on how to update your homes. If you’re not already doing so, consider using Pinterest as your starting place to define and refine your ideas for your home projects and spaces. It also makes a great way to share your ideas with your Nayborlee home design team that can include our carpenters, painters, wallpaper installers, home organizers, and other handy pros. 

We find that customers are ready to refresh certain aspects of their home about every five years or so. A home-refresh is for replacing or updating specific things like decor, window treatments, trim, tile, built-ins, lighting, flooring, etc. Maybe you need updates that fall short of redoing the entire room, but think your space could use some specific updating or a spark of color and texture. This is not just for owners of older homes, even homes under 10 years may require updates when the finishes a builder installed may not match your specific taste or vision. If you’re wanting to see what’s new a good starting place for inspiration is our board on what’s Trending in Design for Your Home. 

We are also using Pinterest to show our customers how to carve out new spaces within or around the home. Here’s some ideas on how to:

  1. Increase the square footage you can use in warmer months by extending a patio or a deck
  2. Finish your entire basement, or update a partially finished basement to create more functionality.
  3. Open up a small entry to make it more accessible to the outdoors.
  4. Purge and organize things that need to be stored.
  5. Add more functional storage spaces in their laundry rooms, craft rooms, closets, and pantry and outdoor shed areas.
  6. Open up and utilize hidden spaces under the stairs

    Finally, we’ve saved some Pinterest ideas to consider how you want your home to evoke a specific feeling, take a particular action, or engage in certain activities. Maybe you want to add more texture by adding new pillows or linens or to add more tactile handles and pulls. Or maybe you just need an inspiring work space, a place to imagine or play.

    Tell us – what are you inspired to create or recreate within your home?
































































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