Extend the time for completing your Spring home repair, maintenance and organization projects by starting in mid-winter. We are scheduling our customer’s exterior home maintenance and organization projects now. This helps balance the home repair budget and will free more time for other curb-appeal projects like gardening, updating house numbers and styling your front porch later in the year. 

Here is Nayborlee’s quick guideline for scheduling your home repair and improvement  projects:

Start scheduling in Project Things to consider
January Storage Shed The holidays are over and we have probably accumulated more things to store in our garage until next season.  Building a storage shed allows you to move tools and lawn equipment and ease the storage requirements for your main garage. In addition, organization systems can be added to ensure everything that remains has a proper place.
January – February Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Check your garage door trim to see if it’s separating or peeling away from the frame. Have panels that are dented repaired and schedule maintenance for mechanical systems.
January – Early November Install Smart Home technology including new doorbell cameras, exterior cameras and motion sensor lighting. Package theft is on the rise, and if you missed the opportunity to install a new security camera doorbell to monitor your front porch before the holidays – you have all year to beef up your security systems.
January – March Siding, Roofing & Gutter Repairs Winter weather and hibernating animals may have created or exposed latent issues with your roof, siding, or gutters. Before April showers arrive and add to your cost of repairs, schedule a roof tune up for any inspection, required damage repairs, or general maintenance.
January – April Spring Cleaning + Organization Before April showers arrive, move indoors  – it’s time to kick off your Spring purging, cleaning and organizing.
Early-to-Late May Exterior Power Washing Before you begin your exterior painting projects, have your home and flat concrete surfaces powerwashed.
Early-to-Late May Front Door, Mailbox + Touch Up For a great curb appeal boost, schedule any minor exterior painting projects over any warm dry day or two.
Late Spring – Summer Full House Exterior Painting Major home painting projects are best scheduled when the forecast calls for a series of warm dry days with minor temperature fluctuations.

No time to schedule each of your home maintenance tasks individually?  Click here and let Nayborlee put your routine maintenance tasks on auto-pilot.