We may plan special occasion menus well in advance, but fail to keep pace with our every day meal planning and prep due to our busy lifestyles. This often means that we resort to pre-packaged snack or fast food – which offers little nutritional value.

In addition, as parents, we may be frustrated by the lack of diversity in our own go-to recipes or with the foods kids will actually agree to eat. Chicken nuggets anyone?

Augmenting your meal plan and prep by utilizing a home chef service can provide you with the quality meals your family deserves. Here are our top five ways for kids to eat better and save your sanity with a Nayborlee home chef for your kids:

  1. Homemade Baby/Toddler Food: For babies from four to six months – chefs can prepare homemade baby food to introduce your child to the some of the same foods the rest of your family is eating. Starting with smooth purees, baby and toddler food options also include soft mashes, chunky textures and finger foods.
  2. Introduce New Food Choices: Chefs have a variety of ways to make food more appealing for pickier eaters. From making vegetables more palatable to elevating everyday food and exposing kids to new recipes from around the world.
  3. Sports and Wellness Menus: Kids with rigorous sports schedules, all-day competitions or strenuous endurance sports (like rowing, cross-country running, basketball or competitive swimming) may involve 1½ to 2 hours or more of activity at a time may need to consume more food at the right times to keep up with increased energy demands.
  4. Try Fully Prepared Meals and Snacks: While recipe and ingredient delivery services may be great shopping time savers – many parents report that they still don’t have time to learn the new recipe and prep the ingredients for their family. In addition, many of the portion sizes and ingredients may not be suitable for members of your family. 
  5. Food Classes, Parties and Special Events: Children benefit immensely by learning how to prepare meals for themselves. In fact, cooking lessons at any age are beneficial for teaching lifelong culinary skills. Chefs can also prepare foods for parties and special events that are in keeping with themes and particular age groups. Which is great if you’re looking to improve on your go-to pizza and cake menu.