Home Organization

We believe that tidiness is a way to introduce a sense of calm into our everyday lives but sometimes our drawers are stuffed with clothes, utensils and miscellaneous odds and ends; and we push our least-used items to the back of our garages, closets, cabinets and pantries. This is how our homes becomes untidy and, even worse, how we lose track of our possession and our peace.

Assess + Purge

Together we make decisions about keeping items that you love in order to support your new lifestyle choices. 

Clean + Update

Next we clean and update the target area – from new paint, shelving, lighting or beautiful container storage.

Tidy + Maintain

Finally we organize your space and make it Pinterest ready. Then we provide tips on how to keep it that way.

KonMari Method

Nayborlee organization and decluttering teams use the KonMari Method – a decluttering philosophy based on the Japanese belief that people should only surround themselves with items that spark joy.

Where shall we begin?

We can literally start organizing any area of your home, but we’ve found that laundry rooms, entryways, kitchens cabinets, refrigerators, bathroom cabinets and drawers, garages, clothes and linen closets are all prime areas to target for purging, refreshing, updating your storage solutions and organizing.