Imagine your guests arriving at your front door after a long trip, cell phones barely charged, bags in tow, the kids – wait where are the kids? At this moment, what experience would you like your guests to have? Chances are that you don’t want them fumbling at the door trying to open a lock box or searching for an email with complex entry instructions.

For these reasons and more, one of the first considerations for your guests is the choice of a door lock. Are the door locks simple and intuitive to use? With repeated use, will it lock and unlock easily? Is the lock accessible to everyone? If your guests are visiting from outside the country, a high-tech approach that relies on cell phone coverage to open door locks may not be wise. We highly recommend installing the Schlage keyless entry system that includes a manually programmable keypad and battery backup. The key codes can be changed as often as required.  

Modern rental properties may also feature cameras on the doorbell or the lock. While some guests find the use of cameras off-putting because of privacy concerns; a front door camera is ideal for allowing your handyman and home keeping staff in and out of your property when you’re not home.

If you’re looking for a bit more high-tech functionality, we like Gate’s product offering which has a programmable keyless entry system that includes a security camera, assignable pin-access, and the ability to provide a single-use access code to infrequent visitors. 

A well-designed entry should be both visually appealing and functional and your choice of locks will contribute to your guests secure and relaxing stay.