Creating a beautiful yard takes a lot of hard work and making it truly functional as well as private may require a few more tweaks. Wondering what you can do to make your yard a little more functional? Take a look at Nayborlee’s top three updates for your outdoor living spaces.

Privacy Screens – Many homeowners don’t want to spend a ton of money on installing a perimeter fence but still wish to have privacy from neighbors. Instead of waiting years for hedges to grow in, many homeowners are asking us to install privacy screens near their deck or patio to block views from their neighbors. Installing a great-looking privacy screen is our number one recommendation for patio privacy solutions. A standard lattice panel is the most economical solution, but custom walls like the one featured in the photo can be created as well.  A paint or stain which complements the color of your house or yard furnishings can also be added.

Patio Extensions – Many builder-grade patios wind up being too small for multiple functions like entertaining, grilling and relaxing and therefore often go underutilized. As a solution to this issue, an existing patio can be extended by adding outdoor pavers to one or more sides. 

Pavers are set on top of sand and secured with polymeric sand which fills the paver joints and hardens like concrete to keep out dirt and weeds. Polymeric sand contains silica and unlike regular sand, it won’t wash away over time. Pavers are locked together and held in place at the same time. Pavers are manufactured to meet exact specifications, so the need for cutting and shaping is minimal and the cost for labor is reduced. 

Pergolas lend graceful style and architectural character to your home or garden. While many homeowners believe that a pergola is a solution for the hot midday sun, a pergola without a sun shade offers just a tad bit more shade for midday patio dwellers. It does, however, allow you to hang lights for nighttime illumination.

A standard 6′ x 8′ pergola has overhangs that extend eighteen to twenty inches beyond that, so plan accordingly if you choose to build close to your house. To build your structure, we will need to choose a flat, level area. If we don’t have a flat, level area, then we will need to grade the desired area by removing soil and hand tamping to level.