A clean home is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Living in a clean house is important for your health and overall sense of well-being. But home cleaning can be a tedious and time consuming task. The average homeowner spends anywhere between 4 to 8 hours per week cleaning. Most homeowners love the idea of living in a sparkling clean home, but realistically speaking, they count themselves lucky if they can just keep their homes marginally  tidy.

So how do you know when it’s time to consider bringing in help? Here we share our top 3 most commonly cited reasons for hiring home cleaners. If any of these sound familiar – then you’re probably overdue:

  • You’re starting to notice a few chores slipping through the cracks. Things you were normally diligent about completing in your routine are now periodically put off until the next day… or the next week… or you simply cannot remember the last time you took care of those tasks.
  • In years past, you had a routine for cleaning according to the month, or season. Remember your grandmother’s Spring cleaning process? When was the last Spring Clean or Fall Spruce Up you actually completed?
  • If you share a home, you’ve more than likely had the experience of opening a bedroom or pantry door, kitchen cabinet or linen closet to find someone has managed to wreak havoc in your carefully organized space. If the will to re-clean and reorganize doesn’t immediately come over you, but you can’t bear to live  with the mess – it may be time to call for back up.

While these are just a few signs, if you’re like most busy working adults, it’s wise to periodically prioritize what you actually want to do and give yourself more time to focus on what’s most important for you and your family.